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Parties & Events!

Who doesn't love a Pokémon Themed event!

Professor Zay is the perfect party host that will surely "Catch 'em all" with a good time!

Offering a variety  of customizable party packages, Professor Zay can ensure you get exactly what you want for your event, and none of the hassle.


Inquire through the website, through social media, or through email.

Pokémon League

Officially sanctioned Pokémon Leagues hosted by Professor Zay. League levels include:
Beginner or Advanced.

League Participants receive limited edition Pokémon League Items for participating, and as prizes for accomplishments within the league. Professor Zay provides all necessary materials for the league such as:  TCG boards, Decks ready to play, Nintendo Switch and Projector for Video Games, Tables & Chairs, etc.

Pokémon Club

Professor Zay hosts Pokemon clubs for kids ages 5-14, as well as, adults ages 15+. At Professor Zay's Club, participants learn  about many topics in the vast Pokémon 
Universe including how to play of course!
Club members can trade amongst each other, battle each other in the TCG and/or VG,
and of of course make friends! Club members also receive very special Pokémon items such as limited edition cards, and club memorabilia!
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