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Now in
Southern Oregon!

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Build your collection!

At Professor Zay's Pokémon Clubs and leagues, Pokémon trainers get TONS of opportunities to trade and build their Pokémon collection!

Birthday Parties & Special Events!

Book Professor Zay for the best Pokémon themed entertainment!
Whether its for a younger or older crowd, Professor Zay knows how to party!
(Pokémon style of course)

Learn to Play!

Learn how to play the card game and/or video game! Professor Zay hosts sanctioned Pokémon Leagues for both the Trading Card Game (TCG), and the Video Game (VG). Leagues are ages 5+. 


Meet the Owner!

Professor Zay is a certified Pokémon Professor sanctioned by the International Pokémon Company.

He has been a professor for over 4 years, and has had over 150+ members of all ages! 

Professor Zay also hosts Pokémon Clubs for both kids & adults, as well as, special events!

Professor Zay has worked with  plenty of great partners, such as, City of Lincoln Parks and Recreation(CA), City of Auburn Parks & Recreation, Epic Sports Cards, Fire & Ice Games, and more!

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